• Tuesday, August 2, 20168:00 PM

    The Wolfe Brothers

    $2 Tuesday Concert

    The Wolfe Brothers are Australia’s #1 country rock band. The group consists of two brothers, Nick Wolfe (lead vocals and guitar) and Tom Wolfe (bass guitar and vocals). The third member is their best friend Brodie Rainbird (guitar). They all grew up together, went to school together and lived on the same road in a rural area just outside of Hobart, Tasmania. The family farm, Wolfe Farm, is renowned for producing the finest berries in Tasmania and has been in the family for over 110 years. All three band members still live on the farm in converted pickers sheds when they are not touring. They are the fourth generation to live on the farm and enjoy helping their parents work the property when they are at home.

    The Wolfe Brothers captured the attention of their home country in 2012 when they were voted into second place in the final of the prime time television show Australia’s Got Talent. Although the national spotlight shined brightly on the group after only a few weeks of live performances on the TV show, it cannot be said that the band is an overnight success.

    The Wolfe Brothers are the real deal. They are what modern country music is all about. They write great songs. Their performances are nothing short of electric and they clearly love what they do.

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    $2 Tuesdays

    • The Wolfe Brothers

    above video: The Wolfe Brothers, "This Crazy Life"

    above video: The Wolfe Brothers, "One Beer At A Time"

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