• Martina McBride Quiz Answers

  • Answers:
    1. – D Teenage Daughters “We’re always wrong, they’re always right”
    2. – E I’m Gonna Love You Through It “Just take my hand, together we can do it”
    3. – C There You Are “When I’m lost and when I’m found/Like an angel standing guard”
    4. – F My Baby Loves Me “Don’t need to dress like no Beauty Queen”
    5. – J A Broken Wing “She keeps an eye on the sky”
    6. – I Wrong Again “What we had would never end”
    7. – K Concrete Angel “A fragile soul caught in the hands of fate”
    8. – H Blessed “This love is a beautiful gift”
    9. – A In My Daughter’s Eyes “It’s giving more when you feel like giving up”
    10. – G This One’s for the Girls “Every laugh, laugh line on your face made you who you are today”
    11. – B Wild Angels “Baby what else could it be?”

    0-3 – Maybe you should switch your radio to a country station.
    4-5 – Not bad, you probably know the difference between Reba and Faith too.
    6-9 – Good job, we bet you sing along in your car!
    10-11 – Excellent, a real Martina McBride fan!

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