• Tuesday, July 25, 20178:00 PM

    Lt. Dan’s New Legs

    $2 Tuesday Concert

    All tickets $2 general admission

    This crowd-pleasing band has performed as the headliner for our Kickin’ Chicken Wing Fest the last 2 years. Enjoy them on the main stage for $2 Tuesday Night Fun!

    Lt. Dan’s New Legs, (LDNL for short) is the #1 all live, pop-dance, top 40 hip hop band in the United States. They have toured the world and performed as the backing band for such artists like Ludacris, Naughty by Nature, Run DMC and Bone Thugs N’ Harmony. LDNL delivers the most current music to keep the party moving. Songs are merged so there are no breaks in the set. This creates an environment where it is almost impossible to stop dancing.

    LDNL was created with the intention of covering material not attempted or successfully interpreted by any other live band. It was their aim to tackle heavily produced music that otherwise was meant for studio and airplay only. No tracks, CDs, or sequences are used in their live performances. All sounds and elements of the songs performed are created live.

    LDNL possesses the features of a DJ combined with the entertainment of a live band. Every show is performed live with tasteful instrumentation and two power house lead vocalists. This is all delivered without the use of backing tracks; a difficult thing to do in hip-hop music today. They bring a sexy urban presence to the stage, and have a crowd interaction like no other. Combine this with their amazing energy and dance routines and you’ll enjoy a show that is second to none and definitely a hot ticket for only $2.

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    $2 Tuesdays

    • Lt. Dan’s New Legs

    above video: Lt. Dan's New Legs, "Video Mix"

    above video: Lt. Dan's New Legs, "Special Event Promo"

    Lt. Dan’s New Legs Lt. Dan’s New Legs Lt. Dan’s New Legs Lt. Dan’s New Legs Lt. Dan’s New Legs Lt. Dan’s New Legs Lt. Dan’s New Legs Lt. Dan’s New Legs Lt. Dan’s New Legs
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