• Tuesday, July 12, 20167:30 PM

    Hollywood Vampires

    with special guest
    Rai Thistlethwayte

    In 1972, on the Sunset Strip at a club called the Rainbow Bar & Grill, the Hollywood Vampires were born in the upstairs bar. It was a gathering place for the rock stars living in or passing through L.A. “To join the club, one simply had to out drink all of the members,” says Alice Cooper, a founding member of the Vampires. “I would walk in on a typical night” Alice says, “and John Lennon, Harry Nilsson, Keith Moon — who would usually be in a costume like a maid or a chauffeur — Bernie Taupin, Jim Morrison and Mickey Dolenz would be there. The next week might be Bernie Taupin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Mickey Dolenz.”

    Three years ago, Alice and good friend Johnny Depp got together and decided the spirit of the Hollywood Vampires should live again (minus the drinking). An environment for great artists to hang, laugh and play together. The Hollywood Vampires live again with the release of the Hollywood Vampires new album. Alice and Johnny were joined by Joe Perry, who is an old friend of both of them, and recording began: a tribute to the original Hollywood Vampires.

    Don’t miss one of the hottest shows of the summer when the Hollywood Vampires swoop into Fraze Pavilion!

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    Rai Thistlethwayte

    Rai grew up in Sydney, Australia. His mother was a classical piano teacher, and his father was a language teacher who played bass and guitar in local rock bands. Influenced by his parents, Rai developed an appreciation for a wide variety of music, including classical, rock, pop and jazz. Thistlethwayte is most widely known as the frontman for the band Thirsty Merc. He is an accomplished guitarist, pianist and vocalist. Before working with Thirsty Merc, he was well known as a jazz pianist, in some ensembles with Phil Stack, who was one of Australia’s leading jazz bass players. He grew up in the suburb of West Pymble and attended Beaumont Rd public school. He has two brothers. He also attended the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

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    • Hollywood Vampires

    above video: Hollywood Vampires, "Whole Lotta Love"

    above video: Hollywood Vampires, "2016 Grammy Performance"

    above video: Rai Thistlethwayte, "Go Nuts"

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