• Saturday, August 19, 20177:30 PM

    Casting Crowns

    with special guest
    Zach Williams

    Over the past fourteen years, Atlanta based Casting Crowns has consistently delivered music that points believers back to what truly matters, and the band does so yet again on their latest studio album, The Very Next Thing. This latest offering is a collection of intimate songs as well as upbeat, fresh sounding tracks with impactful lyrics centered around identifying and acting on what’s right next to you. It is meant to meet listeners wherever they are at in their walk and aims to encourage acting out the next step of love.

    Having served as a full-time youth pastor for over 25 years, Casting Crowns’ front man, Mark Hall, continues to draw inspiration from the well of real life. “Because we have the honor of walking with people in our churches, we get to see what people are going through – the issues that are impacting everyone now,” shares Hall. “It’s in these situations that ideas are born for what we all need to hear right here and right now.” With more than 10 million records sold and the title of Billboard’s top-selling act in Christian music since 2007, Hall and his bandmates – Juan and Melodee DeVevo, Megan Garrett, Brian Scoggin, Josh Mix and Chris Huffman – continue to work in ministry in their respective churches. The local church is the heartbeat of the band and the songs are an outpouring of that. 

    Seeing Casting Crowns perform live is an unforgettable experience. Be sure to bring someone you love to their uplifting live show, which is full of praise, wonder and love.

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    Zach Williams

    Zach Williams

    Zach Williams is a husband, father, singer, songwriter, worship leader, campus director at his home church in Arkansas, and recently can add to his titles, a Grammy nominated recording artist.

    He released his powerful debut single, “Chain Breaker,” last summer, which quickly hit No. 1 and then released a full-length album titled Chain Breaker in December.

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    above video: Casting Crowns, "The Very Next Thing"

    above video: Casting Crowns, "Good Good Father"

    above video: Zach Williams, "Chain Breaker"

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